The library is in the same building as the classrooms and takes up the whole ground floor. The library is a treasure house of knowledge. There are many librarians who can help us to search or find the books we need. The librarian has a good system to keep the books in order They keep and arrange the books to make it easy to find a particular book for the reader. This library is for all the staff and the students of the Academy or for all other people who want to go there for knowledge. The library is blessed by many Buddhist books and many others, books about culture, science, there are encyclopedias and art books, too.

The Diwakar library is a cultural and educational institution. There are many computers which all are allowed to use by for now. But there is a special computer which is only to be used by librarian appointment. There we can get additional records of high Buddhist teachings. And also the sacred video clips of the higher rinpoches of Karma Kagyu lineage and many other which are sacred or too important for uninitiated students

But there are some rules the users have to follow. The library is open from 10:00 to 12:00 in the morning and 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon on weekdays. It is usually closed on the weekend but if a visitor asks for the library it will be opened by the staff.

Library Rules
The library shall be used for eductional purposes only. The visitors are not allowed to make noise.

There are also books for sale.

The books can borrowed for two weeks. However, students can borrow textbooks for one year.

If the books are returned to late a fee of two rupees has to be paid for every extra day.

Books have to be returned undamaged or they have to be replaced.