Support Us

It is our heartfelt desire to give each single student the best possible education and thereby help to preserve the endangered wisdom of the precious Himalyan Buddhist culture. We are looking for compassionate donors who provide us with the means to do our best work. There are several ways to support us, but we happy about every amount and we will use your donation wisely and work as economically as we can.

A happy day for the students - a well wisher has paid for a special meal.
A happy day for the students – a well wisher has donated a special meal.
Donate for Food and Running Expenses
The yearly expensive of running the two Diwakar Buddhist Educational Institutions are around US$ 150.000. This includes three nutritious meal fore each student per day as well as electricity and water. Small donations will be used to improve the daily menu of dal, potatoes and rice with egg, fruits and other nutritious food.

Adopt a student
Help us to give this child a Buddhist eduction and warm upbringing.
Help us to give this child an eduction, a spritual and above all a safe home.
Since a lot of our students are orphans we are looking for generous people who are willing to help to adopt a small monk and finance his education. We only require $1.50 a day to buy food and cover other running expenses. Our students hail from three of the poorest countries in the world and an eduction is the best gift you can give them. With as little as $45 a month you could help a little boy and provide him with his most basic needs.

Support our Contruction Efforts
Since more and more students want to visit one of the Diwakar Buddhist Institutions we currently experience a shortage of proper class- and bedrooms. We are planning to build five new class rooms, one office and eleven bed rooms for teachers and guests in new to floor building.

Each class room will cost: $3225

Each (teacher & guest) room will cost: $1686

Total estimated cost will be: $37087

Bank Connection

Since we are registered charity we have an international bank account. That also means that all donations will be tax deductable. The FCR status includes a yearly check of our accounting by the Indian government. We are happy to provide our donors documents that show how the money has spent.

ACCOUNT NO :30802111616
IFS CODE : SBIN0000063
MICR CODE : 734002101