Phiten Star Necklace Review

Fashion Necklace steel having design and using a charming sun and moon star layout. This necklace is likely to provide even the look a touch that was . This stylish necklace is 100% handmade by the caliber steel. These necklaces are created from stainless steel. It's been hand cut and totally handmade. It's cool designed with colored moon and sun star. So that they fit all sizes, the necklace is so adjustable. He's stainless steel necklace and a Sun and moon celebrity. It is a handmade necklace in Chic design having two colors plum and skin. This fabulous and elegant necklace is made from beads which are selected for clean surfaces, perfectly curved contours , their thick nacre and also flattering overtones of Turquoise and Bluish. Each bead within this necklace is created by hand, to order. The rings are double-knotted on leather. With a special design, this eye can cause you to love amazing on your outfit. It contains a beautiful aluminum colored string to tie the durable black leather cording and securely insert into conclusion clasps. Should you scroll through our site you can get more layouts. Ideal for every event, terrific gift selection. Learn about sun moon star necklace on

Make a style statement. You will thank you love Vintage certainly!


Style color, elegant and stunning.

Event: This necklace can be suit for dress, birthday party, vacation and apparel gowns, and is both trendy and beautiful.

Colour: Black, Yellow, Golden peach.