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Diwakar Reporter22. November 2015 Home

After the parinirvana of the 14th Gyalwang Shamarpa, it is the homecoming of His holiness Karmapa to Kalimpong. Everyone here were eagerly waiting for this moment as we had H.H’s residency renovated and also finishing to some extent of his first project the KIBS (Karmapa International Buddhist School). This visit of H.H is especially for the inauguration of the new school on the 23rd Nov 2015- 25th Nov 2015, so it will only be a short period here in Kalimpong.

Please visit our page for more updates about the program, we will be updating more news related to the ceremony.

Puja for Shamar Rinpoche’s Birthday

tenzingwangpo10. November 2015

On October, 27 we celebrate the birthday of H.H Kunzig Shamarpa with less joy but more hope with prayers, not a celebration but remembering his kindness towards us and making our effort beneficial to all sentient beings by dedicating our merits to behold the return of the great 14th.

Joined forces ensure a fast progress

Diwakar Reporter7. November 2015 Construction
One whole month flew away since the beginning of the construction work. The number of the foundation pillars is increasing rapidly. Even though it’s already November, the beginning of the shivering cold winter of the Himalayas region, the construction works continue faster than planned.

Daily, loads of stones are being brought to the Shedra and the monks are taking class wise turns to help the builders bringing the stones to the construction site.

If we the construction process continues this fast, the building is likely to be finished sooner rather than later.

Students help with the Construction of the new Classrooms

tenzingwangpo1. November 2015 Construction
Only three weeks after the groundbreaking there is already major progress at the construction site. Because the area is not connected to the public roads all material has to be brought by hand. Even though we can not use heavy machines, the classes take turns to carry the material down to the construction site. But.due to a clever system using slides it turned out easier than expected and progress exceeds expectations by far, thanks to the brain and muscles of our students, the teachers and the workers.

Showtime at Diwakar Buddhist Academy

tenzingwangpo22. October 2015 Home
Last Friday spirits ran high as the junior classes prepared presentations. Four students had the honour and pleasure to speak in front of the whole school in the big auditorium. Tashi Gyaltsen, Ngwang Gyaltsen, Tashi Gumbo and Sherab Gyme talked about different subjects ranging from world peace to a talk about the logic of the Buddha. Tashi Gyaltsen’s speach about respecting the teachers was very well received and accompanied by constant laughter. Especially the teachers of Diwakar Buddhist Academy smiled a lot because his reasoning was not very abstract but rather practical and down to earth.